SAMSON - A name recognized worldwide as a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength. The company is not only known for a complete product line in instrumentation and controls, but also offers the most modern integrated automation systems. The field of expertise extends from heating and air-conditioning technology to applications in the largest chemical plants. SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled flow of vapors, gases, liquids, chemicals.

  Pneumatic and Electric Control Valves

Pneumatic Control Valve Type 3241-1 and Type 3241-7
Globe Valve Type 3241
ANSI version

Control valve for process engineering and industrial applications
Valve size NPS 1/2 to 12
Pressure rating ANSI Class 125 to 300
Temperatures –320 to 842 °F –196 to 450 °C


Electropneumatic Positioner

Type 4763-0 Electropneumatic positioner, without explosion protection
Type 4763-1 Electropneumatic positioner for hazardous areas, input circuit II 2 G EEx ia IIC T6 according to ATEX
Type 4763-8 Electropneumatic positioner in EEx nA “non-sparking”
Type 4765 Pneumatic positioner reference variable 0.2 to 1 bar (3 to 15 psi)
Type 3730 Pneumatic positioner
Type 3731 Pneumatic positioner
Type 3760 Pneumatic Positioner
Type 3766/3767 Pneumatic Positioner
Type 3785 Pneumatic Positioner

IP Converter

For use in non-hazardous areas: Type 6116-0
For use in hazardous areas:
Type 6116-1 EEx i according to Cenelec, CZ and GOST OST
Type 6116-2 EEx d according to PTB, CZ and GOST
Type 6116-3 Explosion-proof acc. to CSA/FM standard; EEx d acc. to CZ
Type 6116-4 Intrinsically safe acc. to CSA/FM standard e acc. to CSA/FM standard
Type 6116-5 Explosion-proof /Australia
Type 6116-6 Intrinsically safe /Australia


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