Metrix Instrument Co. is the trusted expert in machinery health condition monitoring solutions. Metrix serves customers worldwide with a complete line of instrumentation to measure and monitor vibration and provide early warning of potential machinery failure. These products include machine condition monitoring systems, proximity systems, transducers, seismic sensors, switches, transmitters, signal conditioners, monitors and portable shakers and meters.
5485C (375°C) High Temperature Velocity Sensor

By employing a zero friction coil suspension, these sensors provide accurate, repeatable vibration measurements over wide ranges of amplitude and frequency. They are constructed for continuous operation at elevated temperatures. The coil bobbin is suspended by two non-twisting, circular spider springs that provide a clean frequency response. Damping is electromagnetic and purely viscous. No friction prone air damping is employed which allows the detection of small vibrations at low frequencies. Available with fixed armored cable or 2 pin connector (requires mating Model 4850-XXX cable), the sealed stainless steel case and rugged internals insure durability in the most hostile environments.

ST5484E Loop-powered Transmitter

A precision vibration sensor and signal conditioner in a single package built to provide years of reliable service. The ST5484E is the ideal solution for sensing vibration on most plant equipment. A simple two-wire loop signal proportional to velocity is generated for transfer to a programmable logic controller (PLC), distributed control system (DCS) or other 4-20 mA input devices. Simply mount the transmitter on the machine case, connect the 2-wire loop and read and/or record the vibration.

XR and TXA Programmable Proximity Probe Transmitters, Radial (TXR) and Axial (TXA)
The Trendsetter TXR/TXA is a programmable 2-wire loop-powered transmitter combining an eddy current probe driver and a signal conditioner in a single package. It provides a 4-20 mA output proportional to overall peak to peak displacement and operates with Metrix probes and extension cables as well as 4 major probe systems. A separate probe A DC voltage output and dynamic signal is available at the BNC connector



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