Associate Offices
in Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore


PLC System (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad has been involved in the Industrial and Oilfield equipment and services business for more than 10 years and has been involved in the tendering for the Oil and Gas companies, Petrochemical and Fertilizer Companies, Steel and Cement Plants , Municipalities, Electricity , Water department, Telecommunication and Universities


As a further services to our many customers, PLC System ( Malaysia) S/B had developed a very knowledgeable and capable supply, service, integration, project management and purchasing division that encompasses the product of many industries including oilfield, power generation, petrochemical and public utilities material and experience, along with our relationship with major manufactures, allow us to provide a full service supply and integration source for our clients.

PLC System ( Malaysia ) is a 100% Malaysian Bumiputera ownership and registered with Malaysia Finance Ministry. Datuk Azhar Bin Osman is the appointed Managing Director since 1998.


Petronas Upstream & Downstream
Brunei Shell Ltd.
Sarawak & Sabah Shell Berhad
Murphy Oil Ltd
Tenaga National Berhad
Sabah Electricity Berhad
Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Jabatan Kerja Raya
Radio TV Malaysia
Jabatan Air
Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran
Land & Survey Dept
Education Dept
Fishery Dept
Sawit Kinabalu
Malaysia Airport Berhad
Cement Industries ( Sabah ) S/B
Sabah Forest Industries S/B
Steel Industries S/B
Jabatan Pertahanan.
Jabatan Perlabuhan
Pusat Khidmat Kontractor
Jabatan Bekalan Electric and Gas
Board Of Engineers , Malaysia
Jabatan Bomba Malaysia



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